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A flagship property, Sofitel London St James is emblematic of Sofitel’s modern French style, culture and art-de-vivre. On Monday 17th February 2020, the hotel brought this to life with an exclusive exhibition by renowned French artist, Stephane Koerwyn who will display his colourful artworks following a fashion show that fuses the worlds of art and fashion.

Hailing from the south of France, Koerwyn made his first foray into the art world after two decades spent forging a successful career in marketing. Following his creative passions, Koerwyn has travelled internationally to exhibit his works that feature bright colours and bold patterns, expressive of his emotions and new-found freedom. Moving into the new decade, Koerwyn will travel to London to host an exclusive exhibition and fashion show at Sofitel London St James, showcasing his art which has been transformed into a series of aluminium dresses, merging the worlds of art and fashion.

The exhibition will be on display at Sofitel London St James until June 2020. A full-scale fashion show featuring models wearing Koerwyn’s art dresses made from recycled aluminium will enable viewers to appreciate the pieces in motion, before they are displayed as statues installed throughout the hotel alongside more of Koerwyn’s artworks. The art’s vivid colours and complex textures complement the vibrant décor of the hotel’s newly renovated guest rooms, adding another dimension to the French style and joie-de-vivre throughout.

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