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New Hub for Covid-19 testing launched at the Sofitel London St James

Sofitel London St James has announced, through its partnership with UK biotech firm HALO, that a new testing hub for Covid-19 is available at the hotel. The hub allows for hotel guests, local businesses, and members of the general public who live or work nearby to access saliva-based testing in-person or via door-to-door delivery. The launch of the new hub means Sofitel London St James becomes the first Central London hotel to provide space and facilities for a Covid-19 test centre.

The Sofitel London St James testing hub is using two types of saliva-based Covid-19 tests - PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and LAMP (loop-mediated isothermal amplification). Both tests are almost 100% accurate and affordable, with LAMP test prices starting at £49.99. Results from PCR tests are usually available within less than 24 hours, meaning it works well for people looking for an accurate test they can take without leaving home. LAMP tests can be conducted much faster, potentially within 90 minutes, and processed onsite. They are especially useful for businesses who need fast, accurate tests for employees in the office, or for organisations that need to test employees before they travel, or for one-off events.

Following the use of the HALO test, users can track its progress via the HALO app. Notifications will be provided when the test is received, processed and when the result is ready. Users will receive a verification certificate with your results that can be downloaded or stored for proof of a test.

You can contact the hotel at +44 (0)20 7747 2200 or

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